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How does FXStreet Signals work?

FXStreet has exclusively designed a series of Strategies (20) to trade the market. These strategies are based on parameters such as Price Level, Time, Economic Events and Market Trends.
Each of these strategies has a specific criteria to trigger orders (signals). An average of 7 Signals are delivered every day.
Every time there is a signal you will get a notification alerting you of a position that has been opened or closed.
The signals presented at FXStreet Signals are to be taken as informational, we do not give you any advice or recommendation, you should evaluate the data and take your own decision, always bearing in mind that trading is a high-risk activity that may end in heavy losses. That said, FXStreet Signals will provide you with enough information to help you take an educated decision.

You can always contact us in case you have any doubt or need any assistance.

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