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4 weekly sessions on Forex

4 weekly sessions on Stocks

6 weekly sessions on Futures

4 weekly sessions on Options

2 weekly sessions on Long-Term Strategies

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FXStreet Trading Institute Trainers

Check out the list of Top-Notch analysts who will impart the live-sessions on FXStreet, and for your eyes only!

Bojan Petreski
Multi-Asset Trader and Engineering Consultant
Futures, Forex and Equities

Andrew Han
Multi-Asset Trader and Finance Consultant
Forex, Futures and Options on Futures

Wayne Sandberg
Floor Trader and Business Owner
Equities, Futures, Options and Options on Futures

Bert (Opa) Antonik
Senior Trader and Instructor

Reynaldo Soriano
Senior Trader and Martial Artist

John Titsworth
Multi-Asset Trader and CTA Charter Member
Equities, Futures, Options and Options on Futures

Jose Blasco
Multi-Asset Trader and Trading Technologist
Equities, Forex, Futures and Options

Jeff Sonnier
Multi-Asset Trader and CTA Charter Member
Equities, Futures, Options and Options on Futures

Pedro Mejias
Multi-Asset Trader and Trading Technologist
Futures and Forex

Webinars description

Mentoring sessions broadcasted live on-line during key market hours.
Recordings are available to either catch up with missed sessions or for review purposes.

*Please note that due to the urgency of the situation, some of the sessions might not be available yet, but we are working hard to be able to bring them to you in the coming days.


Trading Instrument:

4 Sessions per week:

  • 1 x Live Intraday Trading
  • 1 x Live Swing Trading
  • 1 x Live Position Trading
  • 1 x Lecture


Trading Instrument:
Stocks and ETFs

4 Sessions per week:

  • 2 x Live Swing Trading
  • 1 x Live Position Trading
  • 1 x Lecture


Trading Instrument:
Global Futures Markets

6 Sessions per week:

  • 5 x Live Intraday Trading
  • 1 x Lecture


Trading Instrument:

4 Sessions per week:

  • 3 x Live Swing Trading
  • 1 x Lecture


Trading Instrument:
Options, Forex, Stocks and ETFs

2 Sessions per week:

  • 1 x Live Investing
  • 1 x Lecture

Trading Psychology 1

Trading Instrument:
All Instruments

1 Session per week:

  • 1 x Q&A + Reviews + Announcements

This is an example of a session on the advantages and disadvantages of trading individual stocks before looking at the markets from a weekly and daily perspective. If you are an OTA student, you can enjoy this and more educational content by subscribing to this FXStreet exclusive promotion.

About Us


In light of the recent events involving the Online Trading Academy (OTA) being sued leaving their students at risk of losing their current student rights and support, FXStreet has launched a new education service, FXS Trading Institute- the Multi-asset education place, based on a live webinar service to provide users with a similar training experience to that of OTA – aiming to guarantee that no academy client is affected by a possible shutdown of the academy’s services due the lawsuit.

FXStreet considers that regardless of the situation, users are always the affected party – being the sudden disappearance of an unregulated broker – or the potential prompt shutdown of the OTA.

“In our 20 years in the market, we have always cared about the trader, relentlessly vouching for education and to keep on empowering our users. Trading is a risky activity, and the more you learn about trading, the better decisions you may take – and even with enhanced knowledge, success is never guaranteed.” Setxi Fernández, CEO at FXStreet.com stated. “Traders often believe that operating in markets can help become rich easily, and unfortunately, this is not the case. Trading requires practice, effort and familiarity with markets”.

Following their firm belief in the importance of education and their commitment to traders, FXStreet has decided to launch the FXS Trading Institute to offer all OTA users a chance to continue with their education on fxstreet.com.

The education leading portal has created over 20 weekly live-webinars to help users continue their training. The topics covered in the webinars are Forex (4 sessions a week), Stocks (4 sessions a week), Futures (4 sessions a week), Options (4 sessions a week), Long Term strategies (2 sessions a week) and a special weekly session.

FXS Trading Institute is not limited to webinars, but also offers dedicated monitoring and many years of experience in the market to back it up. So far, experts including Jose Blasco have already joined this FXStreet initiative, with more to come on board soon. To round this up and to show their devotion to traders, this service will be free of charge for three months for users registered in OTA training programs, with no obligation to continue once this complimentary period is over.

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